Excision in Montreal... Almost


Last Friday was a big day for dubstep fans in Montreal: they were to be butchered up by the sounds of the infamous Excision. I wasn’t aware of this until the Thursday before, when I got the post from Montreal Dubstep through my Google Reader. I was kind of shocked that such a big name was giving a set in Montreal, and kind of pissed that I was working until 8 the very night, and at 9AM the morning after, but regardless I managed to get a friend to ride up to Montreal to see the show.

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Logitech G500: The Rebirth of a Classic


If you know gaming peripherals, chances are that you have owned a G5 by Logitech. This mouse, one of the best selling "gaming" mice out there, has become a true classic on internet forums and gaming groups because of it's relatively low price, excellent handling and comfort, and awesome set of features and kick-butt software. After two generations (3?) and many special editions of this venerable peripheral, Logitech has decided to retire the veteran G5 and introduce it's updated offspring the G500. I say offspring because it looks and feels like a cross between the more "business" MX series and the G series. Check it out.
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