This Week’s iPhone Pics (18/52)


This week’s combo, Jimmy on Pistil.

  • Urban decay. In the midst of a parking crisis in the CEGEP area, I am welling to bet that a fair share of students would be willing to pay to park in the 50+ slot parking where I took this picture. Also, urban decay makes me think of this. Cop it, it's good stuff.
  • It's always awesome when you take a person's computer in telling them a restore won't be a problem, then you discover that you don't have the OEM discs and their licence sticker looks like this. In-store techs all across the nation feel my pain.
  • On Tuesday, I got the news that I had a very big paper due for today. Many restless nights and 40 pages later, I managed to pull it off on time. Hard shit.
  • New shipment of 35mm. Only 1 pack of Pro800Z is mine, the rest is for a friend. Ever since I sold my 645Nii, I have wanted to get my hands a 6x6 medium format cam. You know, something cheap and solid. A beaten as hell (yet functional) Hassy would be nice, but I'd be very content with a Mimaya and a wide lens.