This Week’s iPhone Pics (20/52)


This week’s combo was supposed to be John S. on the brand new limited Edition “DreamCanvas” film, but it really, really looked like shit. Seriously, it was just horrible. So instead, enjoy John S on Float. Don’t mind the fact that I’m almost a week late.

  • The good: a Silvia spotted at MChip near work. Clean paint, mint body, good stuff all around. Can't say I enjoyed the wheels and the way they were fitted, but then again I never really enjoy JDM cars to their fullest I guess.
  • The bad: some Cavalier at work. El-cheapo bodykit all around, distasteful door moldings, HUUUUGGGE spoiler that's just as ugly as it is useless. We got a pretty good laugh at it once we were finished puking every little bit of anything pukeable in our bodies.
  • The ugly: my desk during my homework rush that took place all week. Term papers are pretty much all handed in for the most part, so that's cool, but I really need to learn to start all the stuff BEFORE the deadline closes in. I'll be better next semester, right? Hahahaha, yeah right.