This Week’s iPhone Pics (22/52)


This week’s combo is Roboto Glitter on Blackeys Ultrachrome.

  • This week I grew tired of my hair, went back to the much-loved milspec cut. Much less hassle in the morning.
  • Nightclubbin'. Still don't get why clubs still buy and use disco balls, these were the pinnacle in the 20s. LED lighting and lasers is where it's at.
  • My brand new Flip SlideHD ordered off Intel's Retail Edge program. It rests on my wallet so you get an idea of the size. So far I'm pretty happy with the new camera, it performs great in normal indoor lighting as well as in low light. One thing I'm not so stoked about is the narrow FOV, and the jiggle and shake of unstabilized 30 fps progressive. The solution to this is 50$ away: a fisheye mod will widen FOV and at the same time reduce apparent shake. I call it my "camera de brosse", it's usually with me in any kind of party situation. Much less expensive than lugging the 35mm Pentax around! More updates on the fisheye mod when I get things done.
  • I don't really think this one needs a description.