This Week’s iPhone Pics (19/52)


This week is Bettie XL on Blackeys Superchrome. It’s been a slow week, I’ve been way to busy, for a change.

  • Lexus is way underestimated in the car modding scene. Older models remind me of the same generation Mercedes-Benz, they would look awesome dropped down low. Pictured is an IS450.
  • Back from the dead, my ex-Jetta. The dude who bought this off of me pieced it together with parts from his part-out car, dropped it a bit with a cheapo cup-kit, redid the front end and swapped in his unique wood-grain hood. Porsche wheels 8 inches wide at all 4 corners complete the kit. Not bad for a winter beater. The dude also owns a Mk2 GTI swapped in with a VR6.