Fixing a Bricked Unifi Security Gateway (USG)

Post by Maxime Rousseau

unifi, security, gateway, networking, repair

I thought I was being real smart when I hooked up an eBay-bought 802.11af-compliant 12v POE extractor to my Unifi Security Gateway. The whole idea was to get rid of all the power-warts and AC-DC conversion devices hanging off my UPS to make the makeshift rack in my parent's…

FreeNAS + RancherOS, my NAS Docker Stack

Post by Maxime Rousseau

I've been a FreeNAS user since the 8.x days, having decided to ditch a self-hosted file server based off Fedora with a pretty basic MDADM + ext3fs storage setup. Running on commodity hardware, the prior setup was fine, but little other than an extensible NAS that was somewhat of a…

Easy Fix for Dead Unifi AC-Lite Access Points

Post by Maxime Rousseau

ubnt, ubiquiti, repair, ac-lite, networking, no power

I've been deploying Ubiquiti's Unifi gear for a while and I absolutely love it. While the development cycle of firmware and software is somewhat uneven, the products are great, inexpensive, run off a self-hosted management portal and don't have any licensing costs attached to them. Except for firmware-induced hiccups, I…

Rona, le fisc et la dérive de fonction - Prince Arthur Herald

Post by Maxime Rousseau

prince arthur herald, rona, fisc, revenu canada, vie privée

Bien peu de gens y verrons un problème à ce que Rona soit défait en cour. La défenderesse est une compagnie, un monstre sans visage ayant comme seule motivation le profit; dans un cas traitant d’évasion fiscale, son opposition est suspecte au mieux. Pourtant, l’enjeux me semble plus…

Raid-Proof Your FreeNAS with USBKill

Post by Maxime Rousseau

freenas, usbkill, counterforensics, IT, IS, security, zfs

By virtue of being a very multi-functional appliance in most settings, a FreeNAS machine has the potential to be a very sensible part of your rack. Even if you don't use jails or VMs to host anything, it's still a fileserver at the bare minimum, which means it hosts your…