This Week’s iPhone Pics (21/52)


Once again, term paper week has taken it’s toll on my internet swagga. The two last weeks were more about form and keeping the series going than actually posting something that’s worth half it’s weight in shit… but hey, with an overloaded schedule, things like these are bound to happen. Helga Viking on Kodot XGrizzled.

  • An employee at the store dug this out of his garage: a Power Macintosh G3 in full functional condition. I didn't know if I were better off dropping it off at the local PC recycling place or trying myself at selling it on eBay... Vintage Apple products are the hottest shit these days with retro-hipsters.
  • Customers give me a laugh every now and then. You'd think that the not-so-discrete branding of Microsoft's Windows would get them to write the name of the product right, nope.

The upcoming week, if it goes anything as planned, should be much more meaty in terms of iPhone pics.