Wishlistr, the Ultimate Online Wishlist


Wishlists are a practical things, proof, pretty much every respectable online store offer them. It’s a cool feature, but keeping a list of all the wish lists on all the sites isn’t really practical, in the way that you can’t have the newest 780i motherboard and your pair of fuzzy slippers on the same list.

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Waiting is so long...


Just recently, I bought my monitor from Futureshop, the sick LG Flatron L196WTQ-BF pictured above. It kicks some serious ass. Sure, it isn’t the biggest, it’s only a 19 incher, but check that out: 3000 to 1 contrast ratio, 2 ms second response time, up to 75 hz vertical refresh, really, it’s a neat monitor, specially for the teeny weeny 230$ taxes included that I put on it. Heck, its no joke, after a bit looking at it for a couple of seconds, the screen on my laptop looks yellow and really, really dim. One of the best purchases of the month.

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ThermalTake V1 CPU Cooler Review


If your looking for a high end air cooler that performs abnormally well, even when compared to some of the lower end liquid cooling systems, look no further. I bought this mostly for the looks, and because I absolutely wanted something from Thermaltake, but I got way more than what I expected. The all copper V shapped heatpipe design, coupled with a stylish yet efficient fan that can push up to 86 CFM is the way to go for Thermaltake: the result is a silent and powerful cooler.


Considering the fragility of the heat sink fins which are very thin for greater surface area, Thermaltake did a nice job of packing this cooler. Inside the cardboard box, the plastic clamshell holds the V1 and it's accessories very well, maybe even a little too well: I had to tug at the base of the cooler to get it out, and seeing the fragility of the fins, I had to be very careful. The contents of the box were the following:

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Free Web File Sharing like it Should Be


Ask most people what they use to send files, and mostly all of them will give you the same answer: e-mail. And e-mail is ok… to a certain extent; downloading, editing and resending is tiresome, specially for many files. Also, any file bigger than 10 mb is usually a no go. For non-critical files, uploading via web remains a viable alternative for bigger files, but then again manipulating several files is long, and the same resending routine applies, just like email. So far, all file hosts have looked the same to me… not a single stood out from the pack.

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