Ziki: All My Internetz At One Place


While doing my everyday browsing yesterday, I discovered yet another very interesting web service, one that actually does something to put you on the internet, no matter how what your current web presence. They call it Ziki.

To retake the exact wording that the site uses, Ziki is to be used as a

"self marketing tool to promote his personal brand and be listed on the top of search engines results."

I like to think of it as a cross between Facebook, ClaimID, and a blog. For me, it’s main purpose is to centralize all my pieces of internetz to simplify the finding of those said pieces for the general public, but it’s so much more. It’s you’re auto-biography on the internet, the wikipedia of people.

What makes it so special is that it extracts every bit of info on everything that you own on the internet, and centralizes it, It can keep track of all the RSS feeds to, say, your blog, so that your posts are automatically associated to your person, and it takes all of your blog tags, plus it generates tags based on your location and then asks you to add more tags, as to create a bigass pile o’ tags describing yourself and what you do. Also, a more traditional list of links on the sidebar to list all your internet possessions (Flickr, Youtube, Digg, ect). You can also post some of your stuff directly onto ziki, which makes for the bloggy part to it.

There even is an “Open to job opportunities” checkbox which may be interesting if a possible employer stumbles on your profile.

Anyways, this is the kind of service which you don’t really fully understand until you use. Check out my profile at Ziki, and create yours.