When Linkage Isn't Enough


Its seems today that all bloggers are really into SEO and web site optimization.. Countless times have I seen blog articles reporting the addition of a new feature to this or that, adding tagging here, metas there. Most time it works, but all that time spent trying to optimize linkage and search engine detection makes most of us forget about one of the most effective way of spreading the word of something around: word of mouth.

One problem remains though. I don’t know about you, but I just feel stupid giving away URLs orally, and it’s specially tricky when people don’t know how to spell my last name. Long story short, the best way of giving out all your contact info, and most importantly your blog’s URL, is a physical medium: like those free business cards offered by OOprint.com. It’s simple: choose from over 30 designs, add your custom text, and even images if you’re willing to pay a minimal fee, and get 100 of your cards delivered to your door. You only pay shipping and any additions you might have taken. No matter your age, and no matter your profession, everybody needs a way to give out their info, and OOprint is doing it for free, so why not?

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