So Many Projects, So Little Getting Done


I don’t know if the cause of this is school, lack of stimulation, change in my temper or some other factor that I can’t control, but it seems that I have tons of things currently in progress, but nothing is getting done.

Take this blog for example. In the part couple of months, I’ve been updating it only very scarcely, to the point where my last article dates from over 2 weeks from now. Not that I don’t have anything to write about: I have about 10 computer component reviews to get started on, my cell phone to review, tutorials, a half finished Instructable, heck I even have a Gimp tutorial and an article on widescreen gaming written up on paper waiting on my desk, just asking to be typed up. Thank god for the school bus arriving early at school and substitute teachers in history class, if it wasn’t for the I wouldn’t be writing at all.

While my blog is supposed to be a list of all the projects I currently have, I have since September started many projects without even mentionning them here. Project Niobium, and acrylic case that I am building for myself, probably my biggest project up to now, is currently in design phase and most likely to get concrete somewhere near the month of January. I’ve been logging all of the design phase down at, which I’ve been pretty active on in the last couple of weeks also. The log is here for those of you interested. That, coupled with the arrival of my new 8800 GT bundled with ET:QW and Farcry which has forced me back into gaming, overclocking and everything that comes with it, and then you’ve got all the regular stuff… Christmas, friends, family, snowboarding, school, exams, the school radio which I have recently been introduced to, the upcoming driver’s license, and trying to make all of the above fit into a burger flipper’s wage. Not that I don’t have any free time, but it’s that whenever I do, I just vedge around my computer and play Trackmania Nations all day long, which besides being entertaining we must admit isn’t exactly very productive.

Meh. Welcome to RL, right?