New Server Build: Annabel!


I’m really miles deep into hardware now: A meager couple of months after completing my first ever custom build, I’m already starting another build, for a home server this time. Don’t be fooled by the term “home server”, this isn’t going to be a recycled P3 on Slot 1 in a fancy case sporting some big drives, it’s gonna pack some serious punch. Hell, it might even come close to making Fr0stbyte sweat on SuperPI runs.

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Flickr Uploadr Hits Version 3, Massive Improvement


It’s a first: I’m one of the first to blog about a piece of software. A happy coincidence really: in the process of the downgrading from Vista to XP x64, I formatted and lost all of my software, and it’s today, while trying to upload a single stupid little diagram, that I thought that I might want to download the Uploadr again. And guess what? The boys and girls at Flickr have been building a newer, more complete versions of the oh so plain Uploadr 2.

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Synergy, Productivity++


On a computer, we power users don’t just do something, we multi-task, ALL. THE. TIME. It’s a known and documented fact, we like to juggle with multiple apps that do multiple things, on multiple computers with multiple displays. We want to, no have to, keep constant situational awareness on a shitload of RSS feeds, our 3 email addresses, 6 IM accounts, a couple dozen IRC channels and the newest funniest crap on Youtube, all this while writting LISP and the half complete English assignment that’s due for tomorrow. It’s a sort of megalomaniac, control freak aspect of NADD I guess.

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Why I'm Trading Vista for XP


For the last 2 (or 3?) months now, Fr0stbyte has been running Vista. At first, I thought Vista was one of the best upgrades ever: you gotta love the redesigned interface, Flip 3D, Areo and all, the new task bar with disk caching that makes searching incredibly fast. Also, DirectX 10 compatibility with all the newer games is a big big feature, specially for somebody like me who used to thing that he was going to play all the newest games maxed out. I pertinently knew that Vista would handicap performance, but I was ready to accept that (my box has plenty anyways, right?) but after several frustrating experiences, I decided that enough was enough: XP x64 is going back on my main system, and Vista is going to hell.

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Motorola PEBL U6: Solid, No-Fuss Phone, and it's not a RAZR


Razrs are everywhere. My friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, septic tank drainers, pushers and hookers have Razrs. It was quite a revolutionary phone at it’s launch, but today they are some many in the wild that owning one of those will get people to whisper “conformist” to you on the streets. I’m usually more of a right side kind of person, but really, some trends, like the Razr, get to a point where it’s almost an insult to individuality.

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