The Life and Times of a Shift Worker


This past weekend was pretty hardcore work-wise. I had asked my bosses to do a little bit more night shifts, as to rake a bit more bacon on my paychecks (this bike ain’t paying for itself), and they didn’t do things half way: next thing I know I’m scheduled for 2 8 hour night shifts on the easter weekend, back to back. My parents were somewhat disappointed that I was assigned these shifts, because after all THEY get the dirty job of waking up at 6 AM to ride me back home, but at least it’s less annoying than those half-night shifts where I finish at 3.

Anyways, my first shift was on Friday. I went shopping on Friday, so I was woken up early in the morning by my parents, spent my whole day like it were any other one, and went to my shift at 10, and turns out that night shifts at our newly renovated restaurant aren’t all that bad. Lots of drunk people, but it just adds to the entertainment. I even got to plug in my iPod to the restaurant’s sound system, so we rocked out to my music while doing our stuff. Thanks to the ever so tasty can of Hype MFP X2 I had bought beforehand (gotta love the 550 mL cans), the shift went smoothly despite my 45 minutes of overtime, and I was out of there at about 7 am.

The second shift however was another ball game. I sleeped from 7:30 to 3, but I woke up tired, and the sleepiness just never went away for that whole day. I went to my shift anyways, too it easy… everything went well until we had a rush at 2 AM, 9 cars all lined up, 4 people per car, all drunk, even the drivers. Can you say rush? Anyways, finished at 6:30 without my second break, and near the end my Amped gave me an uber caffeine down (taurine 1, caffeine 0), and by the time my shift was over, I was pretty much as lively as a 90 year old with 24/7 intra-venal morphine.

Thank god I didn’t have any school on Monday.

Despite, the fact that I took it easy on Monday, I could still feel the effects of this lack of sleep today… pretty freaky ones too. I felt ok, like not tired, but there are times where my body would just act weird. I’m walking in the hallway, heading to class, then BAM!, total blackout. It’s like my brain totally disconnects from the rest for a couple of seconds, than I get waked up by somebody shouting something next to me or somebody bumping into me, and then I wonder what happened. That and sudden loss of strength while doing stupid everyday things. I’m opening a door, I just snap and fall face first on the door, and everybody including me is like wtf. It’s starting to freak me out.

I know I should probably sleep more… but everytime I try to go to bed early, I feel bad afterwards because I didn’t watch the evening news, didn’t post on my forums, or didn’t help a buddy with the Joomla he’s setting up. So little time and so much to do… would that be a part of the nerdlife?