OCN: Blu-Ray Wins?


I’ve started a more hardware-orientated blog on Overclock.net recently, for a few good reasons. First was that I didn’t feel like posting every single rant and thought about everything here, and secondly because having a blog in a place that already has a very targeted audience yields much more comments and pageviews, which makes me feel good :P . Despite the fact that I promised to myself that I wouldn’t be cross-posting my stuff from one blog to another, which I think defeats the purpose of having 2 separate blogs, I can’t help myself but link to a pertinent (according to me) article I recently wrote. I won’t be cross-posting ALL articles, but the best ones I most likely will, in hopes of giving this under-used blog something to live on. </explanation> On with the article.

If there is one thing on the tech scene that pisses me off, it's those silly proprietary format wars that keep raging on for everything. It's seems that companies don't get together to talk about how to solve problems and make formats standard, but rather how to make them as different and incompatible as possible in order to give the end user a bigger headache. Everybody can recall at least one of the famous format wars that have been going on in the past decades: PPC vs x86, USB vs Firewire, Minidisk...

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