I should of done this when I got them, I know, but a week or so ago I got my free trial of Moo mini-cards, thanks to my 2 year renewal to Flickr Pro.When I got them I was amazed at how small these things were. I was thinking normal business card size in a panoramic format, but heck these things are shorter than your index and pretty much on par with the thickness of the average thumb. After the initial shock of receiving something so small, I actually liked them. They fit way better in a pocket, and the quality is awesome. The paper is thick and sturdy, printing is A one… major epic win for Moo. If I actually had a use for these suckers, I’d order a hundred more for sure! Ideal for anti-conformist hipsters who want to stand out while still presenting kickass cards.

Check out Moo for more paper goodies.