The Life and Times of a Shift Worker


This past weekend was pretty hardcore work-wise. I had asked my bosses to do a little bit more night shifts, as to rake a bit more bacon on my paychecks (this bike ain’t paying for itself), and they didn’t do things half way: next thing I know I’m scheduled for 2 8 hour night shifts on the easter weekend, back to back. My parents were somewhat disappointed that I was assigned these shifts, because after all THEY get the dirty job of waking up at 6 AM to ride me back home, but at least it’s less annoying than those half-night shifts where I finish at 3.

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Getting a Tech Job: Am I Really Bulletproof?


It’s been almost a year since I started working at McDonalds. Although it was somewhat tough in the beginning, working there turned out to be a fun, profitable experience, and still is. However, dued to several factors, which include pressure from parents and friends, I have decided to slowly start looking for a job that is more closely linked to my interests, which obviously means a job that concerns technology.

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I Lapped...


I’m such a whore. A temp whore. I finally did it: I lapped Annabel’s e4300. The temptation had been strong during Fr0stbyte, but I crapped out just thinking about it, probably dued to my modder e-cock not being fully grown at the time. Sanding down a 300$ chip (yeah I know I payed too much for it) and potentially bricking my new rig was a very scary idea to me back then, but with Annabel it’s different. I have seen plenty of lap jobs on forums and such, so I figured that I might as well go for it, specially considering that the warranty was already void and that I got it for less than a hundred bucks. What’s a nerdger gotta do to shave off a couple of degrees off load temps? The following.

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OCN: Blu-Ray Wins?


I’ve started a more hardware-orientated blog on recently, for a few good reasons. First was that I didn’t feel like posting every single rant and thought about everything here, and secondly because having a blog in a place that already has a very targeted audience yields much more comments and pageviews, which makes me feel good :P . Despite the fact that I promised to myself that I wouldn’t be cross-posting my stuff from one blog to another, which I think defeats the purpose of having 2 separate blogs, I can’t help myself but link to a pertinent (according to me) article I recently wrote. I won’t be cross-posting ALL articles, but the best ones I most likely will, in hopes of giving this under-used blog something to live on. </explanation> On with the article.

If there is one thing on the tech scene that pisses me off, it's those silly proprietary format wars that keep raging on for everything. It's seems that companies don't get together to talk about how to solve problems and make formats standard, but rather how to make them as different and incompatible as possible in order to give the end user a bigger headache.
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