Discovering The Classic Geek Movies


My parents always keep reminding me how lucky I am to be born in the Information age, and how back in there time, they calculated with abacuses and bla bla bla… However, if I could change something in my date of birth, I’d drag it back to the 70s, back when computers all started. There are some things that I feel I missed, and it deeply saddens me, stuff like hand soldering my hardware to repair it, owning a Thrash80, posting on BBS’s and jacking up my parent’s phone bills by downloading text files, backing up my crap on cassettes, all these things leave me begging for a one way trip aboard the time-traveling Delorian straight back to the 80s.

However, I realize now that I’ve missed way more than just all of the above, when there is no reason to having missed it: geek movies. Sure, I’ve heard about movies like Sneakers, Wargames, and a couple others on IRC, forums, but I’ve never had the balls to actually go the the cough video rental store cough and dust up the old cassettes.

My days of ignorance or over. Thanks to Marko who compiled a kick ass list of more than 17 geek cult classics, I can now use “hack the gibson” while actually knowing how and when it was originally used. Some of the stuff is pretty old, some even date back to the 80s, and may be hard to find, but adequate use of search features on certain sites is sure to find a copy near you.

Check out the entire list,

Part 1 and Part 2