[OCN] Small guide to Folding on Linux


Do you want to start folding for the cure under a linux OS? It’s a fact, all machines run work units fast on tweaked linux, so what are you waiting for?

I have compiled a small guide in my free time to get you folding, SMP or not, under linux in less time that you can read this article. Feel free to leave comments.

Twice I've had experiences with folding and Linux: once on an older, slower system where the PPD difference was barely noticeable (2 x 0 is still 0), and another time on Annabel, my new Core 2 based server, in which I made the FAH implementation much cleaner, and I thought I might as well spead the word to y'all. I thought about making an FAQ with this article, but since I don't yet have enough rep to post in the FAQs, I'd figure that I would type it down here until the FAQ's replacement (wiki?) hits the streets.

Read it at my OCN Blog!