This Week’s iPhone Pics (32/52)


First is Salvador on Alfred Infrared, others are Roboto Glitter on Alfred Infrared.

  • The now traditional Monday omelette. 5-6 eggs, an assortment of meats (usually ham and bacon), red onions, metric tons of cheese, and whatever else happens to be in the fridge at the moment pretty much. Protip: a very thick omelette needs to cook slowly if you want to be able to flip it!
  • When somebody at a booze-fueled party climbs on some other person's shoulders, it usually means disaster. But this time, what came out of the ordeal is probably one of my best iPhone pics to date.
  • Nothing like cuddling up with your newest acquaintance after a night of debauchery. Do it while you're young, I was told!
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This Week’s iPhone Pics (31/52)


Chunky on BlacKeys B+W.

  • Special edition collabo shirt from Defgrip, Animal and rider Edwin Delarosa. Shirt is sick and I'm currently working on getting some laminates done to compliment my Mike Brennan poster.
  • It's this dude's birthday. Two big tens, a few gulps of straight-up white rum and a couple of random drinks later, he's out in the freezing rain downtown puking his guts out. Hard stuff.
  • Late night snack at the golden arches. You just can't beat nuggets when it comes to alcohol-induced hunger.
  • I've been seeing this car all over town but never got a chance to take a picture of it. Can't get any more gangsta than a murdered out Sebring, right?
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This Week’s iPhone Pics (30/52)


This week’s combo, Bettie XL on Ina’s 1969. Late, as usual.

  • The new hotness over here: taping your cans on on top of the other when you're finished with them and strutting around drunk as hell with your Pabst Cane of Wisedom. LATFH.
  • Yeah, this was totally on purpose. Dude at Mia Pasta cooking up my meal, those guys put on a pretty good show while cooking stuff.
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