TuneUp: Not So Automagic


I usually write on my resumes that I am a very organized person. My friends and relatives are quick to laugh if off and give me examples such as my car and room to disprove my affirmation, but ultimately, I really do think that I’m a person who likes structure and order. One of the examples I give regularly to demonstrate my organisational skills is the tidiness of my iTunes library. I put lots of care in keeping the ID3 tagging clean, which consumes a lot of my time. Title, with the features in brackets, artist, album with the catalog number, label, year, and genre all have to be there, and in the format that I specify. And for most of my life, I’ve been satisfied with the state of my music library.

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Cooler Master RC-590: A Beefy Mid-Tower, In All Regards

It's by accident that I discovered the Cooler Master Centurion RC-590. When my server was running out of space for hard drives, back in the days where it was built in an Ultra Grid chassis, I set out to find a case that was roomy, yet that could fit in my student budget. Constraints were numerous: I didn't have the space nor the budget to shop around for a full tower case, and most mid towers didn't come with enough 3.25" drive bays to host 8 hard drives.
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Quit being a faggot!


Quebec has had a long history of popular uprising against so-called “reasonable accommodation”, special permissions and modifications of public cultural symbols to accommodate immigrants and Quebecers with backgrounds other than french and catholic. Most will remember news stories like Montreal’s YMCA ordeal where Hasidim jews ordered the establishment to tint it’s windows to hide the profane bodies of the athletes training there, or he completely ridiculous security breach where anyone in Canada with a face-covering burqa can vote without showing their face for ID verification.

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This Week’s iPhone Pics (27/52)


Two weeks later, I finally wake up and compile the iPhone pics I’ve been collecting over the holidays… I’ve had more than enough pictures to continue my weekly tradition, but the TWiP just slipped out of my mind. So, without further ado, this week’s pics taken with a Kaimal Mark II on Alfred Infrared, from left to right and top to bottom.

  • The Godefroy's bar has a particular name that's sure to make anglophone patrons giggle.
  • Kicking it old school with old friends. Playing console games, eating chips and enjoying a fine lager.
  • I've seen many neckbeards in my days, after all I do attend CEGEP. But this particular one is my favorite. Doum's the owner of this particular specimen.
  • A truck was carrying a couple of those tanks the other day, right on the city's largest boulevard. I never managed to find out what they contained, but the skull and crossbones seems like a good indication that's it's something dangerous.
  • Mackin' the ladies with straight up class. It always works.
  • With Wu-tang and this board game, your children are pretty much set for life.
  • Poutine is awesome. What happens when you add steak to your poutine. Things too great to be described with words..
  • Apparently, this gentleman has not been made aware that you need to stop drinking when alcohol begins to affect your posture.
  • Dupuis brothers. Hardcore stuff.
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