This Week’s iPhone Pics (31/52)


Chunky on BlacKeys B+W.

  • Special edition collabo shirt from Defgrip, Animal and rider Edwin Delarosa. Shirt is sick and I'm currently working on getting some laminates done to compliment my Mike Brennan poster.
  • It's this dude's birthday. Two big tens, a few gulps of straight-up white rum and a couple of random drinks later, he's out in the freezing rain downtown puking his guts out. Hard stuff.
  • Late night snack at the golden arches. You just can't beat nuggets when it comes to alcohol-induced hunger.
  • I've been seeing this car all over town but never got a chance to take a picture of it. Can't get any more gangsta than a murdered out Sebring, right?

Now that I’m actually taking pictures, let’s set a new goal: publish the TWiP post by Monday! See you next Monday !