This Week’s iPhone Pics (33/52)


This week’s combo, Kaimal Mark 2 on BlacKeys Ultrachrome.

  • Typo or cool new way to spell computer?
  • Shouts to Manmade clothing, a little indy brand from New York who screenprints in-house. Ordered two shirts from them the other day, top shelf stuff.
  • I can't believe my Daewoo Lanos. Under a grand of repairs and maintenance over more or less 8 years, original brakes, original ignition, original everything basically. Hopefully it stays that way and I won't get killed.
  • Couldn't have said it better.

Next week is a special week: I’m going on a cruise in the Caribbeans! For this reason, I won’t be posting up a TWiP next week, but I’ll be back in two weeks!