When Reality TV and Web Entrepreneurs Collide...


If you don’t know what reality TV is, you either have just been thawed from a 60 year cyrogenic sleep or you’ve lived the last ten years in a bunker in Antarctica. From the big American reality hits like the many instances of Survivor to the utterly insignificant “The Simple Life” starring equally insignificant participants Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and all the others, all of them are known by everyone.

Now take the classic reality show template which is roughly composed of:

  • A cash prize
  • Eating of disgusting things
  • Several challenges of totally different nature, many times a day
  • Complex Elaborate system of rewards, penalities, immunities, benefits, exchange possibilities and situational turnarounds
  • Way too much cheesy smiling
  • A host which dictates many things to the contestant from large screens
  • Random drama-llama interviews with contestants

And what you get is pretty much the new show called The Next Internet Millionaire. Although it does sport several similarities with other shows, the thing that really sets this show apart from the rest is it`s background. The host, Joel Comm, is actually a very successful web entrepreneur, who over the years has developed many very profitable websites. In this series, Mr. Comm is looking for a new partner for another of his profitable web endeavors. Now of course, for the purpose of the series, a simple interview isn’t enough… so the series goes through many many exercises under the form of challenges.

The show pretty much covers everything, from designing a landing page to eating worms and answering customer support emails. Although as a general fact, I cannot say that I have been enjoying reality shows a lot, this one is special; challenges like writing a blog in an hour really get my attention, being the internet nerd that I am.

Be sure to check out the new reality tv, I’ll surely be watching it religiously.