The Geeksta Processor Belt Buckle



There’s been lots of progress lately relatively to the identity of geeks: more and more, we’re affirming our dedication to the nerdy world in several ways, namely through how we dress, with those Thinkgeek t-shirts that mere mortals cannot understand but also by the way we decorate our rooms and homes, how we talk, and even what music we listen to.

Now I’ve had the idea for this Instructable while browsing around and falling on the e-shop of some kid my age who was selling PCB and electronic component jewelery: CMOS earrings, resistor pendants, and the like. Since then, I’ve been trying to integrate old hardware and electronic junk to my daily dressing, without much success. It wasn’t until I stumbled on a pile of old processors that I finally clicked on what would be cool, and yet not be a total pain wearing: a processor belt buckle.

Although not useful in itself, this thing is nice showoff material for those times when you get together with your geeky homedawgs.

It’s simple really: all we are gonna do is take a proc, brutalize it up a bit, then solder it to your standard issue slider and casing type buckle used with strap type belt.

Check it out at Instructables!