EVGA 680i SE SLI Epinions Review

At first, I was a little skeptical to buy with EVGA at all... I wanted to build a premium gaming rig, and all I could think about was Asus, Asus, Asus, and XFX. Sure, having a reknown brand is great, but they, with their notoriety in the market, make you pay for that. I was just going to buy and XFX 680i LT SLI (LT version is the economy version with less features) for something like 40 more dollars, then I got this board suggested by forum member at Dreamincode.net, which just happened to know a couple of people who had built monster system with this as a base. According to him, this board was beastly... and now having owned it for close to a month, and having built a friends system with the same thing, I can testify that this thing is a monster indeed.

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