This Week's iPhone Pics (9/52)


From right to left, top to bottom:

  • This is all I did this week. 20 hours of school went by fast, the 40 hours of work however were a bit harder. A nurga's gotta do what a nurga's gotta do.
  • I've developed a particular skill at using whatever is left-over/soon to be wasted/otherwise inedible in my fridge to cook up something nice. One of my experiments this week was an omelet with dijon mustard, cheese, ham, carrots and onions. I would like to say it tasted ok but as it turned out I just drown the thing in Frank's Red Hot.
  • In Cali, 40 year old cars are still in top working condition if the owner isn't a total moron. In Quebec, most 10 year old cars are rusted to hell and back, so it's always amazing to see older vehicles like this one.
  • Does this look like 12$ worth of fast food to you? Mia Pasta makes it happen.