This Week’s iPhone Pics (8/52)


Last week was hella hectic, hence the tardiness. From left to right, top to bottom:

  • After finishing "Who Won the Oil Wars", I started another book that was given to me when I moved out of RMC. While the theme of the book is without a doubt interesting (I am developing a penchant for international politics), I think I headed into some pretty dry reading, with lots of side-tracks and mid-chapter research on Cold War events I never knew event existed.
  • My friends and I developed a taste for smoking a hookah once in a while after getting over our teenage flavored cigar phase. A local place called "Pyramides" gave us a discount rate on a smoke, we jumped on the occasion. Employees there kick ass, excellent post-barhopping grub.
  • I hate convertibles with a passion usually. But a Z4 with a hardtop on, I'd make an exception.
  • Enough said. This guy is a legend.