Rerum Novarum


I’ve been exploring new genres of electronic music for a while now. If you’ve been following me at all, through Twitter, Facebook, or even, you’ve probably noticed that the last year or so was pretty much a drum & bass phase for me. I’ve probably listened to a million metric shit-tons of the stuff, so much so that I’ve kind of grew bored of it. Through one of my friends who I’ve introduced to DnB in the past, I got to know dubstep. He had brought a disk of what he labeled “random party stuff”, and smack in the middle of that mix was Rusko’s remix of Big Sister’s “Pro Nails”. From then on, I let go of DnB for a while and now for the past month I’ve been seraching the interwebs for dubstep, one thing came to another and I come across some stuff by Intoccabile.

Straight outta’ Montreal and now a regular performer in Japanese clubs, Jean-Smaille Germeil aka Intoccible puts out what he calls “Future Garage” under his own label, Fyutchaflex. Forget dubstep, this isn’t about the huge Reese bass, migrain inducing wobble and other aggressive auditive irregularities we learned to love with hardcore dubstep. While it is 2-step for the most part, the sound if much smoother, with distinctive yet groovy basslines, slightly upbeat drumming somewhat resemblant with what you get for DnB. I think I’d do a really horrible job of describing it if I went any further than what I put down now, so instead, have a track or two instead.

For me, it’s that kind of music that I’d put on a long nightly car trip: smooth enough to make your ride seem shorter, with enough energy to not lull you to sleep. It’s the kind of music you put on you pull a homework marathon and don’t want to poison your body with energy drinks. Simply put, it’s super smooth and super awesome.

A few listens and you’ll quickly understand why I’m so hyped over Intoccible’s upcoming release scheduled for the 18th of September, Rerum Novarum. If the content is true to it’s title, we’ll get to explore the new sounds of Future Garage, a genre which is still relatively new but infinitely interesting. Future Garage Vol 1 and 2 were pure audiogasm from start to finish, I can’t wait to see what new innovations we’ll see in this album which visibly has it’s creator very excited.

You can pre-order the album directly from the Fyutchaflex website for a measly 5$. That’s right, a full length release for 5 dollars. I’ve got mine since yesterday, and I was informed via personalized email that artwork, videos, and a couple extra goodies in digital format were to be added to the release to sweeten the deal. I’ve seen and interacted with people really hyped on preorders of their stuff, but I have rarely felt someone as excited as Jean-Smaille, and I won’t lie, it kind of gets my own hype going. If this album is even half of what I expect it to be, it’ll be an outright banger. Open up Paypal and spill the beans… my guess is you’ll be pretty happy you did on the 18th.

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