This Week’s iPhone Pics (23/52)


This week, Lucifer on Alfred Infrared. I’m starting to run out of combos.

  • Boss-man getting his fix of thermal paste. It's this time of year... people flock up to the stores, managers go bat-shit insane.
  • Quebecois winter, it's on. If snow keeps falling at this pace my car is going to be due for some tie-rods and e-brake cables pretty soon, muhahahahaha.
  • A salvaged iPhone 3G I bought. Originally it was supposed to be a present, but plans have changed and now it's in for a full rebuild and personal use. I really want to get iDroid running on the sucker. Silver back panel, front digitizer/screen assembly, and a plethora of random screws and small parts are currently on order, I'll probably make a forum post about the rebuild and link it here.

It’s exam week! It’s the holidays! You know what that means for your’s truly… double dosing on school and work simultaneously. Hopefully I won’t have to feed you B-roll next week.