This Week’s iPhone Pics (17/52)


This week’s combo: Lucifer IV on Alfred Infrared.

  • Work was insane this week. I've been grabbing my ass with both hands at work for the past week or two, and now shit is hitting the fan, the fan is spinning very quickly and the flow of shit is constant. The race to the holidays is on. In a Future Shop, holidays are serious business.
  • The gates of hell. Did I mention work was insane?
  • I keep finding this kind of things in my coat and not remembering where they came from. That Unibroue cap came from the Blonde de Chambly that almost broke my car key, pretty sure about that one though.
  • A weird rust condition on an old car. Bright orange rust, no holes, all surface. Somebody's making themselves an American winter beater modeled after Rusty?