Gateway MX3410: A Powerhouse for the Price


I bought this computer a couple of months ago as my first computer. I had decided that I wanted something compact, something that I could bring to school, to my friend’s house, while I’m out of the house, I wanted mobility, with still enough power for gaming and multi-tasking, and this is exactly what this laptop gave me.

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Quebec's Misplaced Over-Patriotism is Driving Me Crazy

WARNING! This post may contain political views which might offend you. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Here we are, two days from the St. Jean Baptist, Quebec’s provincial holiday. Still today, even after it’s over, I can feel the excitement that is usually caused by a event of the kind, and I don’t mean the hangover that ensued after the traditional celebrations. The St. Jean usually has many side-effects, like the installation of our province’s flag on many cars, public display of the said flag, and an unexplained amount of patriotism amongst the general population, patriotism which sometimes results in the temporary loss of one’s commonsense which transforms the affected person into what looks and sounds like a temporary separatist. During the 4 - 7 day period which includes a few days before and after the 25th of June, some people start to behave like separatists, through behavior such as the excess use of the phrase “Vive le Quebec libre!”, which roughly translates in “Long-live free Quebec!”. In this time of the year, it’s seems like everybody is talking about the “NATIONAL” holiday, and how we will celebrate our “NATION” everywhere, including places like Montreal and Quebec (which according to it’s welcome sign is the “NATIONAL” capital). This excessive display of either ignorant or very separatist-like behavior has only but fed the flame that is my conservative Federalism, and I find that this is a nice time to write the Federalist rant that I have been wanting to write for a while.

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First Impressions of a McDonalds Employee


This is it, after a month and a half of paperwork, interviews, and waiting for a call, I finally started working for the big M. I have read, and you have probably too, all of the junk on ther internet, stuff like “I work at McD and it’s prison”, well forget all of that. After almost completing my trainings, I have forged myself a whole other view of my newfound job, one far from what says the internet.

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New Project: Laptop Stand Version 2


If you have seen the pre-crash version of this site, you have probably the carpenting Frankenstein that is the laptop stand that I am currently using. Well, times had changed, and I plan on getting a new desktop with a 20 inch LCD, which will take up some major space on my desk, space that I do not posses at the moment. Sure, Having another computer will relocated my server and IRC box Redbull to some place in a closet, hence freeing my of the clunky IBM E74 CRT that I currently have plugged on it, but the hunk of plywood and MDF that I call a cooler is still a really big piece on my desk. To save all that space that it’s using, I have thought up a slimmer stand, made of plexi or acrylic this time. Click on the preview below to see the full size schematic I drew on a wonderful lined sheet of paper in French class. It’s pretty self explanatory.

 Keep watching for some updates, I'm working now, so this project might actually work.

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Joining the Facebook Bandwagon:


Looks like Facebook is really getting some major attention with the creation of it’s apps program. In a prior post, I have talked about Twitter having a Facebook plugin, but now world-reknown musical social networking site is also getting it’s share with it’s very own Facebook app.

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