Get Over the iPhone Already!


Like all other geeks who enjoy technology in every form, I was very pleased to see something as revolutionary as the iPhone come out. For a while before it’s release, some fools in my class were talking about buying one, although it was clear that this wouldn’t happen, and my friends and I discussed how great this was gonna be. I would browse digg like I always do and then get to see a couple of articles of the iPhone, I would read and digg, then move on to regular news, like GPLv3, Net Neutrality, distro releases, ect.

Everything was fine, but it all turned bad when the iPhone was actually released. Digg turned into the iPhone central, with almost 18 articles out of 20 concerning the f** iPhone. Hell, even my local TV channel and newspaper which both usually don’t give a shit about technology turned into iPhone bots, dedicating a significant part of their airtime/pages to the new gadget. Permit me to express what I currently feel.


Yes, it is revolutionary. Yes, it’s cool, hip and it’s by Apple. Yes, we all want one, but for the love of Jesus, stop flooding every freaking news source with stories about how to unlock it or how to well it resists to being dropped in the toilet.

I want my normal news back, kthxbye.