When a little help goes a long way...


Back in the days, when all I cared about was my ET clan and messing around with PHP and websites, I met a guy on Enemy Territory, and his name was Virus. As a matter of fact his name is still Virus, but that isn’t important. Back then, I was in my second ET clan ever, =LoC=, and I had gotten the task of creating the clan website, which to popular demand (and with my disappointment) turned out to be powered by PHPNuke. So I installed nuke… it was fine for a while, but then the clan changed names, we changed hosts and domain and all, meaning another nuke install. Admins didn’t like it. I tried other stuff. Anyways, in the end, I ended up installing PHPNuke about 10 times in two months, so eventual, I gained some mastery over it.

This is where Mr. Virus comes in: he also had to install a Nuke for a clan of his, and he needed help, I was told by a clanmate. I’m like, no problem, add him on Xfire, and I began cramming that Virus fellow with information. There was a lot to be learnt: the guy had no idea was PHP was and what it did, and he had never ever declared a variable in his whole life. For him, this whole web thing was pretty new, so the questions came in packs o’ plenty, but in the end, he got the twist, and his nuke was up and running. From that time, except for help on other more complicated configurations, like stats engines and stuff, we talked very little to each other.

A couple of days ago, Mr. Virus pops up on xfire, says hi. He says he wants to thank me, and at the same time show me his new website. He gives me the url. http://www.cms-install.net/. I’m like what? You started a company? And it turns out he did. My help, given many months ago, became a source of income for him. I personally think it’s kind of special to see what I thought would be just another good action on my part become something big for who I helped.

Also, just today, Virus announced that he was launching his very own blog. Could we be witness to another nerd in creation? Anyways, be sure to check his blog out, he’s been talking a lot about funky clustering and parallel processing, which just might transform into interesting articles.