Playing World of Warcraft for Free: A short how-to


If you have ever played WoW even just a couple of minutes, you have to admit that the game kicks some serious ass, that is something that you can’t deny. Back in the days where I was hard-headed and ignorant, I played only FPS’s, and that this habit made me more 1337 than all my WoW playing friends, but when I started a Blood Elf Paladin on Garona on my friend’s World of Warcraft account, I realized just how much of a good game this was and fell in love with it. At the time, my friend played on the official WoW servers, and like all WoW players, he spent a pretty big amount just to get his WoW fix. Just a couple of weeks after the creation of my first character, he closed down his account, under pretext that he was tired of paying for WoW. We decided to revert to our previous FPS lifestyle, but after a few weeks of not playing, it became clear that we just HAD to find some way of playing for free. And this is where my experience in WoW pirate servers begins.

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When a little help goes a long way...


Back in the days, when all I cared about was my ET clan and messing around with PHP and websites, I met a guy on Enemy Territory, and his name was Virus. As a matter of fact his name is still Virus, but that isn’t important. Back then, I was in my second ET clan ever, =LoC=, and I had gotten the task of creating the clan website, which to popular demand (and with my disappointment) turned out to be powered by PHPNuke. So I installed nuke… it was fine for a while, but then the clan changed names, we changed hosts and domain and all, meaning another nuke install. Admins didn’t like it. I tried other stuff. Anyways, in the end, I ended up installing PHPNuke about 10 times in two months, so eventual, I gained some mastery over it.

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Sony DSC S500: A Quality Entry Line Product


I got this camera as a Christmas gift last year, and although initially disappointed of not having received the higher end DSC Wxx Series camera, it turned out to be a great device, specially considering the retail price.

Build Quality

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New Writing Opportunities: Epinions


Recently, I was looking for reviews for stuff such as the Motorola L2 and the Nikon D40, and after a few seconds of Googling I quickly found ¸a site dedicated to offering visitors such reviews, that is Epinions. You might have seen my two recent articles where I mentioned that they were originally posted on Epininons, well here is what that is all about.

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Get Over the iPhone Already!


Like all other geeks who enjoy technology in every form, I was very pleased to see something as revolutionary as the iPhone come out. For a while before it’s release, some fools in my class were talking about buying one, although it was clear that this wouldn’t happen, and my friends and I discussed how great this was gonna be. I would browse digg like I always do and then get to see a couple of articles of the iPhone, I would read and digg, then move on to regular news, like GPLv3, Net Neutrality, distro releases, ect.

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