I have New Mail: A Motorola U6 PEBL


Here it is, my latest piece of electronics bought on ebay: a brand spankin new Moto PEBL. My parents and I have been discussing the purchase of a cell phone (or I have been stressing them to, might I say), and after a whole week of heated arguments, I had purchased this baby and my contract.

I decided to go with Fido, since they are one of the only GSM carriers in Canada, along with Rogers, and my choice was confirmed when the seller proposed the kickass plan that is the student plan:

  • 150 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited Incoming
  • Unlimited Nights, 7pm - 8am (Incoming/Outgoing)
  • Unlimited  Weekends

All this billed by the second, which really makes my 150 wayyyyy enough. This plus my addon of 1000 text messages cost me about 50$CAD per month.

So far, I haven’t really had the occasion to test my phone and it’s service fully, but up to now everything kicks ass. Already, I enjoy my phone’s laser cut aluminum keypad and overall design,  and the signal strength is equal to or possible greater than what my dad gets with his Bell-powered Treo.

Be on the lookout for an epinions review very soon, but for the moment, you are free to take a look at my unboxing gallery at flickr. I must warn you though, I was trembling with excitement for most of the pictures are at least somewhat blurry.

Check it out here.