Fr0stByte Now Has A Logo


Spawned out of my boredom, the cool new logo is now the official trademark to my new system.

Basically, all I did to create this one is get some snowy or icy looking font, and then went to google some wicked looking snowflakes. My first searchs were more orientated torwards fractal snowflakes, and then later to fractal stars, but all of them looked pretty plain, so I went on to an ever so long search with the only keyword “snowflake”. When I found what I wanted, it was back on white, whereas what I wanted was black on alpha, so a simple Threshold exploration to make the snowflake darker and color to alpha on white to make it transparent, cut and paste some stuff, and there it is. Although not a work of art, I`m pretty proud of my handywork.

I`ll probably be printing this on vinyl stickers once I find a print shop that will do it for a decent price, and sticking this up on my case. Once it’s printed, it’ll be stuck to my case window. This is the first of a couple esthetic mods I want to include in this build. Next step: designing the aluminum fan grille, also to be themed to the box.

Anyways, I have also created a gallery on my Flickr account with everything that concerns Fr0stByte. Check it out here, and as watch out for more updates.