Grandma's Kodachrome, Part 1


As I explained in a previous post, my relatively recent purchase of a film scanner, the Plustek Opticfilm 7200, was mostly to tolerated the fact that I was going to be dealing with film photography up until the purchase of a D300s to replace my D40. However, during the holidays, the new toy quickly found another use: my grandmother has boxes filled to the brim with Kodakchrome slides shot anywhere from 20 to 40 years ago, and I decided to gift her some lots of my time to scan the slides she wanted to keep, and give her a more durable digital copy.

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Set Gmail as Your Default Mail Client


To me, mail clients are a thing that belong to the old internet, alongside all the other nasty Web 1.0 garbage: animated gifs of rotating type, cheesy repeating wallpapers and ugly text formatting are amongst those. I’ve been using GMail ever since I was OH-SO-LUCKY to receive an invite from a tech-savvy buddy of mine who kept on raving about how awesome the service was. Ever since, it’s been my only mail client; I’ve had maybe a dozen different mail accounts ever since then, but I accessed them all through Gmail.

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My Return to 35mm: Pentax Rig & Opticfilm 7200


Digital photography isn’t a fact anymore, it’s a standard. When I bought my DSLR over a year ago, I never even considered film as a viable option, even though my father’s Pentax Super Program was just begging to be used, old and dusty in a long forgotten bag. It’s not practical, it’s clunky, it’s expensive… every reason was good not to pack to the Pentax. I skipped a considerable number of good shots because of that.

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