MTL Electro: Mary Anne Hobbs @ Blue Dog Motel


I’ve been listening to drum & bass and electronica in general for quite a while now, but it seems that I never really encountered another person with the same love of high-tempo, bass-heavy beats that I had. With my recent quest to discover more genres of electronic music and meet people with interests similar to mine, I found that what I had been looking for in the past 2-3 years was half an hour of highway away: Montreal has a huge electro scene, and it just keeps on growing.

Further surfing brought me to this: renown electro DJ Mary Anne Hobbs will be spinning bass-bangers at a bar called the Blue Dog Motel on St. Laurent.

I’ll be very honest: I haven’t heard all that much from this great lady who seems to be very appreciated by the global dubstep/bass community, but what I have heard plenty of is Annie Mac… and if Ms. Hobbs is anything like Annie Mac, then the event is sure to make the venue’s wall shake. In this same spirit of honesty, I’ll also admit that this will be, if it does in fact carry out, my first presence at a live event centered on electro… so hopefully I’ll have a blast. Stay tuned, I might end up snapping pictures and taking videos.

In the meanwhile, get some hype going! Broadcast you attendance over at Facebook, and spread the word amongst your electro-fiend friends.

See you there!