This Week's iPhone Pics (1/52)


I’m not going to lie, this concept was stolen very strong inspired by Nuno Oliveira’s own “The Week in iPhone Photos” series. I’ve always wanted to start a photography project like a 365, but with my erratic shooting phases, the annoy particularity of film of being hard (harder, longer at least?) to process, I had never had the guts to undertake such a project. With this weekly stuff, I’m setting not limit be it a maximum or a minimum, as long as I’m getting something out on my blog every week. So here it is, my very first entry for my very first “This Week’s iPhone Pics”, TWiP for short.

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Internet Ownage...


It never get’s old. I’m not going to lie, I appreciate getting into arguments with people over the internet (or over any other medium really), and I get kicks out of winning. How doesn’t. The latest to respond to my provocation was photographer, middle-aged man and twitter big-shot Scott Bourne. (Yes Scott, I’m still giving you link love, I hope we can still be friends!)

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