This Week’s iPhone Pics (15/52)


This week’s lens/film combo is Bettie XL with BlacKeys SuperGrain.

  • This wasn't taken in LA, but here in my hometown, Trois-Rivieres. Not sure who's rich enough around here to get around in an Escalade the size of a bus.
  • Place Laurier's food court. Natural light is awesome.
  • I was kind of being a whore for Say Mayday in that one. The everyman's emergency trunk stash: extra threads and condoms.
  • Shot some pool for the first time in a while this week, at the Crystal Billard Lounge. The waitresses are nice, the beer is inexpensive, the place is generally empty except for a couple hockey poolers and pool sharks, the tables are excessively fast, and best of all, they carry Guinness. A couple of pints and you'll be playing like Paul fucking Newman.
  • Who in there right minds would want a truck on chromed out 24" fake splits? Fake splits can fuck off.
  • I rediscovered Tim Hortons as a tasty, lower cost alternative to Subway for those times when I don't feel like packing a lunch. Salty, but delicious.
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Stream your iTunes Library with pulpTunes!


To say that I enjoy working with music would be an understatement. I ADORE working with music, and I like to believe that most of the time, music is what I need to be really productive. Us folks from the internet-induced OCD generation usually have a very short attention span and without music at the workplace I often find myself needing to take a break and think about the last ten actions I’ve done in order to put myself back on track. Putting my iPhone on the speakers seems to solve the problem… but then this too has it’s own share of problems: after a couple of shifts, it seems that you always get the same songs over and over again, even on a 16 gig device, and syncing at home isn’t always an option.

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This Week’s iPhone Pics (14/52)


A very full week, once again. I’ve grown tired of shuffling the settings on Hipstamatic, so here you go, everything this week was taken with the Helga Viking / Pistil combo.

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MacLean's Allegations of Corruption: Is It Really a Debate?


MacLean’s dropped a bomb lately: an article boldly entitled Quebec: The Most Corrupt Province. The blast was strong, and swept many Quebecois journalists and the population off it’s feet promptly. Opinions are varied, but what we hear most often on the open lines and editorials is the following ridiculous reponse: “How dare those Anglos call us corrupt?”

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