This Week’s iPhone Pics (16/52)


This week’s combo is Kaimal Mk2 on Blanko.

  • RIP Jetta. You were a gigantic money pit, you looked like shit, but you taught me lots. Now that I'm widowed, I think I'll move on to somethingbody a bit younger, more energetic, with a bigger booty... Jetta Wagon MK4 1.8t?
  • I went on a spending spree to forget my loss. I now own both colors of the "Farm" New Era by Animal. Yes, I'm that passionated about flat brimmed hats. Total hat count now sits at 9, and desperately need to build myself a rack for all those caps.
  • THE PROTEINATOR: Two eggs, processed cheese and shittons of creton on buttered rye bread. If you can stand the vomit-esque texture that creton has when it's stuck between two hot things (toast and eggs), you have yourself a super meaty snack that's good between any two meals.
  • Original gangstas, straight outta St. Jean.