This Week’s iPhone Pics (22/52)


This week’s combo is Roboto Glitter on Blackeys Ultrachrome.

  • This week I grew tired of my hair, went back to the much-loved milspec cut. Much less hassle in the morning.
  • Nightclubbin'. Still don't get why clubs still buy and use disco balls, these were the pinnacle in the 20s. LED lighting and lasers is where it's at.
  • My brand new Flip SlideHD ordered off Intel's Retail Edge program. It rests on my wallet so you get an idea of the size. So far I'm pretty happy with the new camera, it performs great in normal indoor lighting as well as in low light. One thing I'm not so stoked about is the narrow FOV, and the jiggle and shake of unstabilized 30 fps progressive. The solution to this is 50$ away: a fisheye mod will widen FOV and at the same time reduce apparent shake. I call it my "camera de brosse", it's usually with me in any kind of party situation. Much less expensive than lugging the 35mm Pentax around! More updates on the fisheye mod when I get things done.
  • I don't really think this one needs a description.
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This Week’s iPhone Pics (21/52)


Once again, term paper week has taken it’s toll on my internet swagga. The two last weeks were more about form and keeping the series going than actually posting something that’s worth half it’s weight in shit… but hey, with an overloaded schedule, things like these are bound to happen. Helga Viking on Kodot XGrizzled.

  • An employee at the store dug this out of his garage: a Power Macintosh G3 in full functional condition. I didn't know if I were better off dropping it off at the local PC recycling place or trying myself at selling it on eBay... Vintage Apple products are the hottest shit these days with retro-hipsters.
  • Customers give me a laugh every now and then. You'd think that the not-so-discrete branding of Microsoft's Windows would get them to write the name of the product right, nope.
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This Week’s iPhone Pics (20/52)


This week’s combo was supposed to be John S. on the brand new limited Edition “DreamCanvas” film, but it really, really looked like shit. Seriously, it was just horrible. So instead, enjoy John S on Float. Don’t mind the fact that I’m almost a week late.

  • The good: a Silvia spotted at MChip near work. Clean paint, mint body, good stuff all around. Can't say I enjoyed the wheels and the way they were fitted, but then again I never really enjoy JDM cars to their fullest I guess.
  • The bad: some Cavalier at work. El-cheapo bodykit all around, distasteful door moldings, HUUUUGGGE spoiler that's just as ugly as it is useless. We got a pretty good laugh at it once we were finished puking every little bit of anything pukeable in our bodies.
  • The ugly: my desk during my homework rush that took place all week. Term papers are pretty much all handed in for the most part, so that's cool, but I really need to learn to start all the stuff BEFORE the deadline closes in. I'll be better next semester, right? Hahahaha, yeah right.
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This Week’s iPhone Pics (18/52)


This week’s combo, Jimmy on Pistil.

  • Urban decay. In the midst of a parking crisis in the CEGEP area, I am welling to bet that a fair share of students would be willing to pay to park in the 50+ slot parking where I took this picture. Also, urban decay makes me think of this. Cop it, it's good stuff.
  • It's always awesome when you take a person's computer in telling them a restore won't be a problem, then you discover that you don't have the OEM discs and their licence sticker looks like this. In-store techs all across the nation feel my pain.
  • On Tuesday, I got the news that I had a very big paper due for today. Many restless nights and 40 pages later, I managed to pull it off on time. Hard shit.
  • New shipment of 35mm. Only 1 pack of Pro800Z is mine, the rest is for a friend. Ever since I sold my 645Nii, I have wanted to get my hands a 6x6 medium format cam. You know, something cheap and solid. A beaten as hell (yet functional) Hassy would be nice, but I'd be very content with a Mimaya and a wide lens.
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