This Week’s iPhone Pics (25/52)


This week’s TWiP had to be delayed due to trouble I had with my phone last week, right in the exam period. A jailbreak package, iRealQuickSMS, managed to somehow corrupt my 3GS’ install of iOS4.1, which made me lose all of the GOLDEN content I had racked up despited being buried under school work. Then I also had trouble with importing my previously purchased Hipstapaks…. anyways, this week’s stuff is Jimmy on Kodot X-Grizzled.

  • Ending the night with Pabst at the Nord-Ouest Cafe. Regardless of what you think about PBR, the fact is that is has a certain alcohol content, it's liquid, and it costs close to nothing. Just what you need when you can't taste anything anyways.
  • Whoever did the design on this thing deserves some kind of design prize. Imagine the dude that has to market urinals with a dong designed into it...
  • A coworker of mine was playing around with Boxee, turns out YouPorn is a trending channel. THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN!
  • People who tote guns generally consume lots of Tim Hortons. Law enforcement is often seen in Timmy's across the nation, and I've personally witnessed a dude fill his car up with Tim's for an entire squadron of officer cadets. It's unreal, it really does become addictive.

Happy holidays to all, be safe so you can enjoy next week’s batch of iPhone pics that will immortalize what will most probably be my most intoxicated Christmas yet.