SBTRKT Lives Up to the Hype


SBTRKT has been stirring things up lately. With many pre-release plays from big DJ’s including Boilerroom regulars, hype was very well built up for the release of the anonymous producer’s eponymous debut LP on Young Turks. I usually don’t believe in hype. Aggressive marketing ploys and abusive use of the hype-machine that is the internet are too often deceptive; Skepta’s latest is probably the best example that I can give of this off the top of my head. So obviously, when I obtained SBTRKT’s release, I didn’t expected the whole album to be of Wildfire calibre. I was very, very wrong.

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B&W Zeppelin Air: A typical B&W product... Outstanding!


B&W Zeppelin Air

My lust for B&W products dates back to a while. Back when I was a kid, this friend’s father, all-around enjoyer of fine things, built a home cinema setup decked out with a full set of Bowers and Wilkins speakers. The gear nerd in my was fascinated by the equipment in this room, and my friend and I spent countless hours locked up in the sound-tight room indulging in the pristine audio that this remarkable setup delivered to our ears. As a matter of fact, that setup is probably what got me into loving fine audio products in the first place... once you’ve had sound this good, you generally don’t every want to go back to something inferior. The Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin is the perfect continuation of what the brand means to me in regard to sound quality, while being modern in both design and function.
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Intel X-25M (Gen 2): The Single Best Upgrade for your PC

Let's face it, storage is probably the computer component with the least sex-appeal. When building a computer, consumers usually put the latest multi-core processors, monster video cards and screaming fast memory at the top of the list, while the hard-drive is considered last. As long as it holds my data, right?
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Defining Post-Dubstep: New Horizons in Electronic Music


For the past two years, I’ve been consuming a lot of dubstep: classic stuff from a couple of years ago, but also a healthy dose of Montreal-produced Brostep as promoted by the likes of the JLD crew. While there is definitely a gap between early Benga and Dave Dialect’s latest bangers, labeling the genre in my iTunes library was never really that hard: “Dubstep”. But lately, for the past six months more or less, I’ve been really confused about the organisation of my library. New stuff keeps coming in by the truckload via sources like the Boiler Room, GenXGlow, Wastechester, Resident Advisor, XLR8R and a couple others, and the issue is that I haven’t got a clue what genre the stuff I’m finding belongs to.

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2011 Elections: Everything is Possible


The current federal campaign surrounding the upcoming elections (in less than a week already!) has been many times labeled as flavourless by many media outlets. The very minute that parlement was suspended and that the government was out of office, everybody was expecting a repeat of the last federal elections: a month of futile of partisan brawl that would eventually result in another Conservative minority. Every party would get it’s usual seats, and life would go on.

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