Intel X-25M (Gen 2): The Single Best Upgrade for your PC

Let's face it, storage is probably the computer component with the least sex-appeal. When building a computer, consumers usually put the latest multi-core processors, monster video cards and screaming fast memory at the top of the list, while the hard-drive is considered last. As long as it holds my data, right? In my previous review for the D-Link DNS-323, I've put the blame on the computer industry for not making consumers aware of just how much storage devices are important parts of any computer. This is true with regards to data security, but also with regards to performance. In fact, a faster storage device is probably the best upgrade available for consumers today. To me, the Intel X25-M is one of the best examples of how if it is marketed properly, the SSD with revamp the computer storage market and enhance many people's computing experience.

Read the entire review on Epinions. More SSD-related content hopefully coming soon, including side by side comparison of Intel’s older and newer generation SSDs.