Motorcycle Trip Planning pt 1: The Basics


When going on an adventure, determining what is the adequate level of planning is the subject of much debate. For a long time I was on the “no plan is best plan” side of that debate, however the lead-up to my unfortunate aborted experience trying to cross the middle east has forced me to actually try more in depth planning for safety reasons. The extensive planning gave me a new appreciation for the value of planning any trip, no matter the length.

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Gulf to Riviera: Lessons From My Failed Motorcycle Trip


I don’t tend to remember much, but I do vividly remember a car sighting that I never thought would happen. I was grabbing coffee and a croissant in Cannes on a quiet Sunday morning, in a residential sector near to the port. On my walk back, I saw an early 90’s Jaguar XJ with plates that I did not recognize: Kuwait. I immediately pictured some older Arab gentleman leisurely driving one of the least reliable automobiles known to man through Iraq, Syria, or both, slowly making his way to his vacation home in the French Riviera.

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