Unresponsive iPod? Try this...


A friend of mine gave me his iPod the other so that I could fill it up with music while he was busy “reimporting his CDs”, but I ran into unbeleivable amounts of trouble with his iPod. I’ve owned an iPod and fixed a countless amounts of them, but his was very weirdly bugged up. iTunes would detect it, but would try to update it then automatically eject it, and Windows disallowed me disk access after a couple of tries. Heck even Yamipod couldn’t even read or write to the damned thing.

Thanks to Youtube, I learned today how to reset the iPod to it’s factory new state, at a very low-level. Kind of like force-reflashing a BIOS. Heck if this were lower level, I’d be opening the damned thing up and changing it’s CMOS. Check it out.