Folding at Home Nvidia GPU Client Leaked!


This is fresh off of Benchmarkreviews, which apparently has a member who had access to the closed beta of the Nvidia GPU client that was planned for next week, leaked the totality of the new client files on their website. Thanks to “Bowman”, from OCN, the files are now mirror at many different locations.

I have just install the new client, and the folding power is CRAZY! My overclocked 8800 GT does 2400 PPD according to FAHmon, and that’s in addition to the 1600 PPD that the SMP client yeilds. 4000 PPD for a non-Quad-core box running Windows is simply amazing.

I’m currently testing out running two GPU clients in parallel, I’ll notify if that works out.

You can download the files here, here, and here, and share it with the world by digging it here.  Have fun!