This Week’s iPhone Pics (15/52)


This week’s lens/film combo is Bettie XL with BlacKeys SuperGrain.

  • This wasn't taken in LA, but here in my hometown, Trois-Rivieres. Not sure who's rich enough around here to get around in an Escalade the size of a bus.
  • Place Laurier's food court. Natural light is awesome.
  • I was kind of being a whore for Say Mayday in that one. The everyman's emergency trunk stash: extra threads and condoms.
  • Shot some pool for the first time in a while this week, at the Crystal Billard Lounge. The waitresses are nice, the beer is inexpensive, the place is generally empty except for a couple hockey poolers and pool sharks, the tables are excessively fast, and best of all, they carry Guinness. A couple of pints and you'll be playing like Paul fucking Newman.
  • Who in there right minds would want a truck on chromed out 24" fake splits? Fake splits can fuck off.
  • I rediscovered Tim Hortons as a tasty, lower cost alternative to Subway for those times when I don't feel like packing a lunch. Salty, but delicious.