This Week’s iPhone Pics (13/52)


Once again a very busy week. But that’s not an excuse.

  • The prize for fucked up computer repair of the week goes to the lady who brought in two desktops, including this very rare Dell XPS from the Pentium 4 Extreme era which sports a totally non-standard BTX, proprietary power connections and a 1U server PSU in an awesome switchblade case. That's museum-grade stuff right there.
  • Semi-homemade chili and fries. Inexpensive, yummy, excessively hard to eat.
  • They're here! The 2011 MK6 Jettas have landed on the Canadian east coast! I like the more aggressive front end that contrasts with the MK5s. I'm looking forward to see if the Boser hood trend that has been pretty strong on previous generation VWs will survive on this new body... there isn't much headlight to cover.