Hail to the Queen


Montreal’s Queen of dubstep: you know her, you love her, and you’re happy to submit to her gurn-inducing, bass-infested, face-melting mixes. I’ve got news that’s bound to rejoice all her subjects: her Highness has been kind enough to open up a page on DestinedtoLive and posted up her entire mix catalogue, from her first experimentations in Jungle and dark DnB to her latest d-step mix featured on Construct & Co’s J’aime le Dubstep.

Having enjoyed Filthiest Yet Vol. 3 alot, I was glad to see that previous volumes of the skull-cracking series were also on the page, and available for MP3 download. Pretty sick.

Cop that stuff, really hot mixes. Don’t forget, the dubstep scene in Montreal is big, and just get’s bigger. Show up at live events, support the scene! Both Wickedbad.net and MontrealDubstep have pretty in-depth event calendars, so keep your eyes peeled.

Vilify’s DestinedtoLive Page Vilify’s Blog @ Wickedbad.net